We Like
Good Stuff
We are in business to make good stuff happen. We back great game changing ideas, people or companies that want to make a difference. We'll partner alongside you to help transform your project or vision into reality by: testing your idea in the market, building commercial or philanthropic strategies, creating and engaging a new community, and ensuring your bottom line goals are delivered.

Brown Bread is a growing team of 8. Led by Jo Blair, we work with a collection of likeminded friends to make the good stuff happen. We are headquartered in Christchurch, but find ourselves on planes, trains and boats and SH1.

How Do We Choose Our Projects
We choose to work with projects, people and brands that are 'brown bread'.

In a nutshell, Brown Bread projects are wholesome, cool and will make a difference to cities, communities or brands.

We're a BCorp
Brown Bread became a certified BCorp in mid-September 2015. Find out why this makes us 100x cooler here.

Making people believe - engaging communities and brands in public projects and generating ownership. We create and implement PR, engagement and sponsorship strategies.

Defining the good stuff for others - creating partnership strategies for brands, helping them see the right projects for them, and amplifying their association and generosity to create real returns.

Working out how to attract sustainable funds for 'just the good stuff' and developing partnerships, sponsorship and philanthropy strategies.

Defining the good stuff for others - working out what brands we should back, and how to back them for results

Developing events that will fly - event consulting, feasibility testing, commercialisation of event models.

Sharing the love - digital engagement and content marketing